IREX is a nonprofit organization committed to global development and education, while focusing on people and communities since 1968. IREX aims to engage youth, cultivate leaders at all levels of society, extend access to quality education, and strengthen education institutions.
They partnered with Complete Chain to provide their audiences with online courses, exams, and certificates thus contributing to their noble role of education to expand learners' perceptions and opportunities.



What We Did 

Complete Chain initiated IREX project by assessing their business needs, identifying the solution, and developing a goal-oriented plan. The site value along with multiple resources was analyzed and restructured to architect a new e-learning management system and portal with prominent user-experience.

The new e-learning management system and portal layout and information architecture were constructed from the research to clearly organize the information to its various targeted audiences. 
The aim of the interactive website is to create interaction between users and content, allows them to have a personalized experience, goes beyond the usual browsing and viewing, thus helps them gain trust with their consumer.


 Services Implemented for IREX

We accomplished the following services:
•     Research & Analysis
•     Content Support & Strategy
•     Visual Web & Responsive Design
•     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
•     Web Design Extension & Guideline
•     Social & Multimedia Integration
•     Hosting Infrastructure Setup
•     Maintenance & On-going Support
•     Security Assurance
•     Monitoring