Techno Glass

Techno glass

Techno Glass is a leading company that established in 2014 as a specialist in the glass industry and strives their efforts for Glass to reach the best services that satisfy the needs of customers and the highest quality at the local and global level.
Techno Glass company is one of the leading companies in glass manufacturing that prides itself on providing prompt, courteous, quality service with fair and affordable pricing.

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What We Did 

Complete Chain developed an informative website that allows its visitors anytime anywhere to have an overall knowledge about Techno Glass, it also provides the visitors the ability to discover all kind of services, products, and projects done by Techno Glass.

Our first step was to get a clear understanding of the future website purposes and the target audience they want to attract to the site, and then based on the information that was gathered in the previous phase, the sitemap was eventually created.
During the design phase, the website took shape and all the visual content, such as images, photos, and videos have been created.
In the end, our experienced team tested every single link to make sure that there are no broken ones among them.


 Services Implemented for Techno Glass

We accomplished the following services:
•     Research & Analysis
•     Content Support & Strategy
•     Visual Web & Responsive Design
•     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
•     Web Design Extension & Guideline
•     Social & Multimedia Integration
•     Hosting Infrastructure Setup
•     Maintenance & On-going Support
•     Security Assurance
•     Monitoring